The Truth about Divorce

Well hello Monday, hope you are all over the results from Saturday night’s rugby game.  This week I would like to get a bit of feedback from you all as I’m so surprised at just how many people have their facts wrong about what does and doesn’t happen when you file for divorce.

Someone told me on Friday that they’d heard ‘you can get divorced in a matter of weeks if you’ve been separated for 2 years or more’ I had to ask what their interpretation of ‘weeks’ was.  You could say 24 weeks (which you and I know is 6 months) but that wasn’t what they meant, ‘I actually thought it would all be over in 4 weeks’ was their response, WRONG I’m afraid.

So please send me a question, fact or something funny that you have heard about divorce at the email address below and we can talk about it this week and put you all in the ‘know’

Have a great Day


The Truth about Divorce was last modified: October 2nd, 2018 by Carol Sullivan
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