Is Your Marriage on the Rocks?? – Day 5

Hello all, well it s Friday and I hope that you all have a great weekend, I for one am looking forward to the rugby tomorrow between England and Australia.

This week I have spoken to you about the signs that may show that your marriage could be on the rocks.
To recap on the signs –

  • You not being allowed time to yourself, as previously advised at the start of the week everybody needs time to themselves.
  • Constantly fighting and arguing, never a good sign for this to be happening and you need to really think hard about what’s happening in your marriage.
  • Friends being your eyes and ears to your marriage, your best friends are the ones to listen to as they care about you and want what’s best for you and your partner, it may be hard to hear but they wouldn’t be saying anything if it didn’t matter.
  • Being financially tied to each other or relying on the other for luxury items or just supporting them financially, there are ways to cope so don’t worry.
  • Being dependant on each other in every way, this can become suffocating as well as tiresome which as discussed yesterday is extremely unhealthy for both of you in your marriage.

Of course all of these signs are hard to hear and it may make you realise that you have been trying to ignore them and think everything is ok or constantly tell yourself it’s just a phase. I would do this too, as it’s better than thinking my marriage might be failing and divorce could be on the cards. When you realise that your heart and mind deserve to be healthy and need the stability to make you happy, whether it is with your partner or being on your own then it is time to take action. Remember you are loved and it will get better, communication is key to happy, healthy relationships.

Have a great weekend and I’ll speak to you next week,


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