Is your Marriage on the Rocks?? – Day 4

Hi all I hope that wherever you are the sun is as bright as it is outside my window. It’s the final day for looking out for signs that will help you realise your marriage is in trouble. I hope the signs that I have spoken about in the last few days have been useful to you and your relationship, as I said previously it is hard to acknowledge and accept, if it’s happening to you.

Your partner may have been everything to you, your best friend, soul mate and the person that you get to be affectionate with but one thing you should not be is their support system 24 hours a day. My partner and I are everything to each other but I make sure that I have time to myself at least once a day and I also make sure he has time for himself. It’s a lot of pressure and unfair and its definitely not healthy for either of you. Yes, people do have bad days and in a marriage you are there to support and comfort them, but if this is every day and you’re feeling suffocated by their neediness then you are right, this behaviour can be overwhelming. I have a very close friend whose husband sulks and gets petty if she wants to go to the gym or to the hairdresser and he is constantly moaning to her that she should spend the time with him. It’s not ok to feel suffocated, I know I would feel trapped if someone wanted my attention and support 24/7. I would be wondering where my support is! I would need to have some space to rejuvenate myself to be able to give my husband the 100%. In a marriage it’s a two way street where you should be experiencing life together the highs and lows, not being your partners constant support system. If your marriage is running along this path then it’s time to think about what’s best to do for YOU and HIM.

Tomorrow I’ll re-cap and summarise this week’s subject.

Have a good day


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