Is your Marriage on the Rocks?? – Day 3

Hello all, today I’ll be discussing some of the other warning signs that your marriage may be on the rocks.

Your Friends are important to you as they are the people you confide in as well as take their advice when needed. I have some very good friends but possibly only a few I confide in with anything personal to me  You will have some friends that may just be nosey regarding your marriage, giving opinions even when you’re not close and they know nothing about your situation.  This can be irritating so just ignore them as best as you can.  It’s your best friends that matter, when they start to have alarm bells ringing and wanting to talk to you about your partner, making sure you’re ok discreetly then something must be wrong.  Sometimes we get so close to the problem that we can become blind to it and if your best friends  all of a sudden start talking negatively about your partner then listen up and take a step back, do they have a point?

As much as people hate to admit it, luxuries can keep you in a relationship longer than you should be, the enjoyment of having that feeling of being spoiled to make up for the affection is what’s really going on but of course we don’t see it like that, we have our blinkers on.  It may be the case that you and your partner may have shared finances and the thought about separating them could seem slightly daunting, I’d be scared too especially now that I have children. You could be making yourself sick   thinking ‘how can I pay for everything on my own’.  I know if I found myself in that position I would be sick to my stomach.  During your marriage shared finances can help you feel secure and safe and for most this is the same if your spouse was  in charge of paying for everything financially, bills, house the list could go on but unfortunately this could also be the way of controlling you to stay in the relationship which is worrying in itself and you need to figure out if money is being used against you. 

Tomorrow I’ll finish this subject by talking about the final sign.

Have a good day



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