Is Your Marriage on the Rocks? – Day 2

Hi all, continuing from yesterday I’ll be talking to you about a couple of the warning signs to look out for when your marriage has become unhealthy and it may feel like its just  hard work and possibly on the rocks.  That is such a horrible feeling
Not being allowed time for yourself?  This I know because having children I seem to have my time filled with them and very little time for myself but, It is important in any marriage and for your own sanity to have time just for you. I know what you all might be saying “but there’s not enough hours in the day and I have other priorities before me”.

Take it from me the time and effort to make time for yourself will be worth it.  If your partner gets jealous of the time that you put by for yourself to be alone even if just for 30 minutes then this is a sign that something isn’t right.  It’s also a sign of problems if you feel you don’t want to have time to yourself and be independent, you may be establishing some co-dependant tendencies.  If it’s come to that time in your marriage when you can’t spend time on your own because your partner may get irritated or resentful then a line has been crossed then You have come to a stage where your partner loves you in an unhealthy way.

Arguments in a marriage or relationship is  very  natural and for the most part quite healthy, my husband and I argue and bicker all the time but I feel it makes my marriage stronger.  in a marriage,  especially when you spend so much time with one another, the stresses of life, work, children and money are all common causes of arguments,  so take the time , to make time for yourself, I do and it works.   An argument can on occasions clear the air, no marriage is perfect 100% of the time no matter what some people want you to believe about their own relationships.  What works best I have found is to try and deal with a problem before it comes a problem, like talking about a sensitive subject when we are in bed or having dinner rather than bringing it up when we are rowing.

Let me know how you get on tomorrow I’ll continue with the remaining 3 signs.

Have a good day


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