Are You in a Rocky Marriage? – Day 1.

Hello all, hope you had a great weekend. Today I’ll be writing about rocky marriages, you may already be aware your marriage is not at its best or reading this could open your eyes to what is actually going on within your marriage. There are 5 signs that I’ll go into more detail about over the next few days and they may seem obvious once you’ve heard them from someone else. It’s hard to hear someone saying they think your marriage has come to an end and it’s even harder admitting to yourself something is not right, especially in your marriage as you never thought divorce would happen to you.

When your marriage is hard every day, you’re feeling miserable and constantly trying to make it work then your marriage could be coming to an end. It’s ok not to work hard at your marriage all the time, of course marriages are hard and yes you do have to work at them together but it shouldn’t always be hard. The time spent working constantly at your marriage is time that could be spent on you, with your children (if you have any) and your life.

It can sometimes take time for you to realise that something is not right in your marriage or it could be a sudden hurricane of sadness and heartache. It’s about trying to spot the possible warning signs before it can turn into a spiteful conflict where hate could creep in for the person you were once very much in love with. By being aware of the early signs it could mean an amicable separation ending with friendship.

Tomorrow I’ll be talking about some of the signs to look out for.

Have a good day

Are You in a Rocky Marriage? – Day 1. was last modified: October 2nd, 2018 by Carol Sullivan
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