Day 5 – Difficulties in Parenting

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Hi all, continuing from yesterday I will be finishing the week with difficulties in parenting when you and your ex-partner don’t see eye to eye. Your children come first and there may be times when conversations with your ex could become irate, make sure this is not in front of your children. Bad mouthing each other in front of the children is also one thing you should not be doing as it will undermine the children’s sense of safety when in your care and they will start to questions you as a parent.

Contact and communication with your children is vital, we have touched on this talking about weekly telephone calls and sticking to the visitation times. Your ex-partner might try and interfere with the contact and communication you have with your children, this can be done in simple ways such as turning up unannounced and early when you’re spending time with the children. If this happens you need to take control, discuss having a civilised meeting if it continues.

Keep the contact with the children so the bond between you remains strong, don’t change the effort you make and enjoy the time you have with them. Use positive language about your ex-partner, don’t retaliate as this could only make the situation worse. Your ex-partner may try to come in between you and the children, possibly to get a reaction from you due to how your marriage ended and feelings towards you personally. Your ex-partner may be jealous of the relationship you already have with your children, remember your children are number one priority and as long as you keep the contact and communication with them the impact can be minimal on your relationship with them. Hope you have a great weekend and I’ll speak to you Monday


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