Difficulties in Parenting

Hello all, today on the subject of parenting I’ll be writing about when parenting can be tougher due to the relationship with your ex-partner not being on the best of terms, especially when the marriage didn’t end well.  Divorce isn’t easy at the best of times and when children are involved with neither parent being able to negotiate amicably it can be difficult.  The feeling that you’re losing your children to your ex-partner will be one of the most difficult experiences you may ever go through.

You both need to understand that your children come first no matter what you have been through in your marriage breakdown and divorce, it’s not a time to be selfish.  It’s not up to the children to pick a side or decide who they love more, forcing this this will undoubtedly cause more stress and worry for the children.  It also won’t help them in their future relationships or with how to deal with difficult situations. 

When you feel frustrated about your ex-partner don’t bad mouth them in front of the children, this will only cause conflict, it will also be upsetting for the children to hear this about someone they love.  If your children show sadness or anger towards your ex-partner then of course you want to comfort them and want the children to know they can confide in you but this is not an opportunity to join in and put your ex-partner down.  If your ex-partner starts a conversation that could be inappropriate to discuss in front of the children simply say “we can discuss this in private another time” and end the conversation with no conflict in front of the children.

Tomorrow will be the final instalment on parenting.


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