Day 3 – Parenting During and After Divorce

Moring all, continuing from yesterday I’ll be concentrating today on parents working together.  You may hear of the term custodial parent, this basically means the parent that will have the children the majority of the time, it can be for legal reason or what was agreed by both of you in the negotiation stage of the divorce.  As the custodial parent you need to make sure that your children stay in touch with their other parent (co-parent), it does not have to be daily but should be at least once a week.  When the children are visiting the other parent try and offer to extend the visit if possible, especially if it seems the children want more time with them.

Below are some tips to help the relationship with your ex-partner as well as the relationship with the children when you’re all adjusting to the new way of living after the divorce:

  • Communicate briefly about what happens during visitations

  • Always pick your children up on time, all of the time

  • Make sure you always call before going to visit the children

  • Don’t put your children in the awkward position of calling their custodial parent asking to extend the visit, it’s your responsibility as the co-parent to do this

  • Complement each other from time to time

When you are not spending time with your children you may want to keep in contact through the telephone, this is great but the majority of children don’t want to stop playing or have a detailed conversation over the telephone, I advise you to keep it brief, tell them you love them and then end the call positively.  This way you’re still keeping in contact with the children and feeling involved in the children’s lives.

I will continue with this subject tomorrow


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