Parenting – Different Styles of Parenting

Hello all, this week I’ll be writing about parenting through separation and divorce, today will be different styles of parenting.  Different parenting styles are more common than people think, it’s hard for people with incompatibilities to agree on everything relating to the children, if you do then great, the negotiation stage of divorce will be a lot easier.  If parents don’t agree when going through the divorce process this can cause conflict, especially when you are not willing to come to a reasonable agreement regarding your children.

When you are separated and divorced you are likely to live separately to your ex-partner which will then mean two sets of rules for the children, this is where disagreements and arguments can start, subject examples are below:

  • Bedtime/ curfew
  • Homework rules
  • What the children are allowed to watch on TV
  • Food meals
  • Punishments for bad behaviour

Different styles of parenting won’t destroy your children, agree where you can, compromise where you can and when there is complete disagreement then agree to disagree.  The main thing that the children need is consistency and boundaries to respect when in your care, the children are adapting to a new situation so this will take time.  If you only have a few rules that you agree on then this is better than none, work on the others together but you cannot force each other to agree on the same parenting style when one parent feels it does not work for them.

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