Day 5 – Negotiating Time Spent With Your Children


Hello all, continuing the negotiation subject, I wanted to write about negotiating time spent with your children.  When it comes to negotiations of this nature it’s a good idea to have an agenda or a structured plan in a specific order.  There are two main points that need to be discussed, these are below:

  • Parenting time (access to your children)

  • The decision making influence – this means who will make the final decision regarding your children’s lives and what’s best for them.

If you and your ex-partner can agree on the two points above,  it can reduce the time it takes for the divorce to complete and save a lot of unnecessary aggravation.  It may seem simple enough but sometimes it can be difficult due to the emotions that you can be feeling from the decision to separate and divorce.  Many marriages fail due to a break in the trust, failure to stay connected as a couple or financial problems, this can bring on negative perceptions such as responsibility and dependability which can be hard to shake off when discussing your children and their future.  The reason your marriage broke down does not reflect how your ex-partner is at being a parent so don’t allow your emotional feelings impact decisions regarding your children.

Many parents worry that if they don’t show their friends and family that they have the majority of access to the children then it will reflect badly on them as parents and people, this is not the case.  It doesn’t mean that anything is wrong with you as a parent if you don’t have the children most of the time, it’s about working together to achieve what is best and right for your children.

If you enter negotiations regarding your children with blame on your ex-partner for the separation and divorce or you’re still emotionally influenced then it is unlikely that anything will be agreed which is not the desired outcome or the best way forward for either of you.

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