Day 3 – Controlling Your Emotions

Hello, yesterday I finished writing about efficient and effective communication, as part of that we touched on emotions. Today I’ll be advising you of ways that you can control of your emotions which can result in a more amicable divorce but also in other areas of your life going forward.

When going through the process of divorce emotions can run high and be difficult to control especially when there is a dispute, being tense and stressed can trigger further conflict.  Try to work at controlling these feelings and emotions, this can be difficult at times as you’re already feeing run down by what is currently happening in your life.  Being an emotional person is positive but being emotional throughout the divorce won’t help the situation and definitely won’t benefit anyone.

When people become emotionally engaged in a dispute conflict will arise and escalate, remember to know yourself and your weaknesses when it comes to emotional situations.  Everyone is different, some people are calm and don’t get wound up or defensive during discussions while others feel threatened quickly and react by losing their temper.  Below are some tips on how to keep control of your emotions:

  • Focus on what you want to say
  • Don’t complain
  • Don’t finger point
  • Write bullet points on what you want to say
  • Avoid using negative comments
  • Limit the conversation
  • Refrain from shouting and using abusive language

The above may sound simple enough to do but can be hard when going through divorce, try to think positively about the outcome you both want.  Divorce Negotiator is here to guide you in the decisions you make and provide emotional support throughout the process.

Have a good day


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