Day 1 – Efficient and Effective Communication

Hi all, hope you enjoyed your weekend.

Over the next couple of days I’ll be writing about how communication is key to an amical divorce. Efficient communication should be easy however this is not always the case, make your point and stop, don’t repeat yourself and aim to concentrate on getting solutions that will benefit you both.

You need to be aware of your tone of voice when talking to your ex-partner and your body language when they are talking to you. Everyone is guilty of coming across as rude and aggressive at times when talking, especially when emotions are involved. This is particularly true when discussing your children but you need to think before talking and have a plan on what you want to say.

Being civil when communicating can be difficult especially when emotions are involved such as stress, anxiety and also any negativity between the two of you.
When more emotions are involved the communication is less likely to be successful.

Tomorrow I’ll continue by giving you examples on how you can lose control when communicating but more importantly how to take back control and obtain the desired outcome.

Have a great Day


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