Overcoming the Top Three Fears of Divorce

Hi all, today I’ll be writing about what the three fears are, tomorrow I’ll be advising you of some strategies to help your mind-set overcome the three fears.

When you’re going through the divorce process you will experience many emotions and sometimes these can be felt in a short period of time.  You could go from being angry to feeling sad and then find yourself laughing uncontrollably.  The feeling of fear can be brought on by the more negative emotions you’re experiencing, the three fears people may experience are below:

  • The fear of being alone – this can be on many levels and could be the fear of being alone forever and thinking you may never be loved again.  It could be the fear that your children will be taken away from you or an overall feeling of rejection.
  • The fear of never being happy again – this fear will be more from the grief of your marriage being over and that you can’t see your future without your ex-partner being part of it, remember that happiness comes from within yourself.
  • The fear of being poor and sad – fear like this is common if you’re ex-partner provided more than you financially or if you where the stay at home parent.  You might be incredibly worried about surviving and feel scared about only having your income to live off.

Getting a divorce will turn your world upside down, as well as being a traumatic experience for everyone involved, the three fears above lead to one main fear which is the fear of the unknown.  It doesn’t matter whether the divorce was instigated by you, you’re still being taken out of what you know and what you thought your future held.  The fears are your own thoughts and you are the one that controls them.

Have a good day


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