Day 8 – The Seven Stages of Divorce – Moving On

Hello, today I’m writing about the remaining stage for ‘The Seven Stages of Divorce’ which is the moving on stage.  This stage includes acceptance, you may have accepted your separation and the divorce but until you have been through all seven stages you cannot let go and feel freedom.  This is likely to be due to being busy and overwhelmed at times with the divorce process as well as the healing process following acceptance of the divorce.

Throughout the separation and divorce you will have learned many lessons, some will have been from your marriage and ex-partner but also through the divorce itself.  Don’t worry if following the divorce you don’t know what you want for the future but you should know what you don’t want to happen from the lessons you’ve learned.

Once your divorce is complete you will be living life as a single person, you may be excited about being single as you only having yourself to look after or you may want to get straight back into dating again.  Remember you don’t have to rush to do anything, you can look forward to your future, create the life you want, make new memories and live new dreams.


Going through these seven stages is completely natural, they will help you get to a point where you can move on.  As I’ve said before some stages may overlap and won’t follow any particular order, the order of the stages is not important but going through all seven is.  If you’re ever worried or concerned, talking to someone will always help even if you’re not looking for advice but just someone to listen.

Tomorrow I’ll be writing about a new subject so stay tuned.

Have a great day.


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