Day 7 – The Seven Stages of Divorce – Healing

Hi all, everyone will experience some sort of emotional upheaval before, during and even after the divorce process. Trying to break those emotional ties that you have with your ex-partner will be incredibly difficult, it could feel like you’re on a very big rollercoaster ride, making your stomach do summersaults, leaving your head in a spin and thinking the feeling will never end.

Feeling these emotional up and downs will be because your grieving the loss of the marriage, what you both had planned and that you always believed your future was together.  There are five stages of grief that you will experience which are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, resentment and final acceptance.  You will need to grieve even though it will be a painful experience but grieving and accepting will allow you to let go of what was your marriage and look to the future on your own with your new dreams.

Tomorrow will be the final blog post of the seven stages. Don’t miss it!


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