Day 6 – The Seven Stages of divorce – Legal

Hello all, hope you had a good weekend and enjoyed the glorious weather on Sunday.  Continuing from last week I have 3 more stages to write about, today will be the legal stage.  This is where you have an official document advising that you are no longer legally married.  The women can state if she would also like to return to using her maiden name following divorce by completing the relevant section on the initial paperwork.

The length of this stage will depend on many factors such as where you live, if you both agree on the division of property, income and assets.  Amicable divorces can be less stressful for all involved and normally do not take as long to complete.  The legal stage will also set in place parenting time (custody) and child support.

The legal aspects may include attorneys, mediators, certified divorce financial analysts, real-estate brokers and counsellors.

Some of the above may sound scary but with the support of ‘Divorce Negotiator’ we can help you through each stage and handle the legal details to complete your divorce in an amicable environment.

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