Day 4 – The Seven Stages of Divorce – Emotional

divorce negotiatorHi, hope your week is going well especially with it being 4 day week for most us.

Today I’ll be writing about the emotional stage, this is where you’re letting go of either being taken care of or caring for your ex-partner. It can be the simplest of things that you may change, not having them on speed dial as your first point of call in a crisis or even asking for advice on a situation. Following the divorce being finalised you may still hold onto your ex-partner in certain ways and treat each other as if you are still husband and wife. Your ex-partner may have a spare key to your house, you believe this is what’s best for the children however you don’t need to be best of friends to do co-parenting.

In reality you are not doing yourself any favours still holding onto your ex-partner and not letting go. Behaving in this way shows you’re still emotionally involved which won’t allow you the freedom to move on and look forward to your new life and possibly at some point meeting a new partner. It may feel scary to let go as a life with your ex-partner is all you’ve known, you need to realise that letting go is the best way forward for both of you. Of course you can still be friends but emotionally you need to set each other free.

Have a good day.


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