Day 3 – The Seven Stages of Divorce – Spiritual

Hi all, half way through the week already.  So today I’ll be writing about the Spiritual Stage, this may start during the cognitive stage but will depend on your own spiritual beliefs.  You could feel that divorce is the worst sin of all and begin to worry about what people will think, especially how your church community may react and treat you.  With your spiritual beliefs you could blame God for the situation you are in and question why he has put this upon you.

With spiritual beliefs there are also ethnic issues that you may consider, this can sometimes leave people staying in their marriage even though they are unhappy and know there is no way forward.

During the spiritual stage of divorce you can come to terms with who you really are as a person making you stronger, you will learn from the past and embrace all of what is to come.  You will have a sense of belonging and love that comes from within and leads to an inner peace throughout and after your divorce.

Tomorrow I’ll be writing about the emotional stage, have a great day.



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