Day 2 – The Seven Stages of Divorce – Cognitive

The Cognitive Stage – This is the thinking stage, you could be here for years wondering if divorce is the right way forward.  Especially when being married is the life you’ve always known and how scary it could be to change that.  The divorce may not be your decision, you’re trying to convince yourself everything is great in your marriage then all of a sudden your partner says ‘IT’S OVER’.  Those dreaded words that shatter your world.  You’re going to feel scared of what’s to come which is natural, you will have many questions going around in your head such as:
• How will I support myself/ family?
• How will the children/family handle it?
• Will anyone love me again?
• Can I ever be happy again?
• How will I handle being alone?

Talking about some of the questions you have to friends, family or even someone impartial at ‘Divorce Negotiator’ may help.
In time when the divorce is over you will look back and realise that separating was the right choice whether yours or not, even though the thought of divorce filled you with fear and sadness at the time.
Tomorrow I’ll be writing about the Spiritual stage.

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