Day 3 – The Five Emotional Effects of Divorce.

The next emotion we are going to be talking about is grief, this is a natural emotion to be feeling when going through separation and divorce.  Your marriage has ended so you will be going through a grieving experience, this is painful and upsetting.  It’s not something you should worry about feeling, it’s a healthy response to what is going on in your life.

Don’t hide away from this emotion as it will be part of the five emotional stages you need to experience when going through divorce.  You need to go through this stage so you can deal with it, ‘let go’ and look forward to whatever your future brings.  Talking about how you’re feeling will help, talk to family, friends and even a professional if you think talking to someone not connected to you or your ex-partner will be easier.  Let out the tears and even scream if you feel it will help.

Remember don’t be afraid of experiencing these emotions, feel them and then set them free in order to move on.

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