Day 4 – Criteria Considered When Settling for Divorce – Pensions

When it comes to divorce, people are concerned about their pension and what the other party might be entitled too from the pension.  People tend to believe that if they have been married then they should be entitled to half of everything including the pension, this is not the case.

 Pensions are considered after the matrimonial home as the next largest assets.  Normally it would be one party that has a greater pension due to the other party not earning as much, giving up work to look after the children and family home.  The courts is looking to approve your arrangement and to ensure that it is fair on both parties especially when children are involved. 

Your arrangement should comply with the principles laid down by parliament and case law.  Pensions a value like the other matrimonial assets (such as property, savings etc)  A pension value must be obtained which is known as the ‘cash equivalent transfer value’,

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