Day 2 – Criteria Considered for Divorce Settlement

One of the key considerations of the court is the children involved in the divorce, examples of what the court will consider regarding children are listed below:

  • Whether both parties are the biological parents
  • Financial needs of the children
  • Income / earning capacity, property and any other financial resources of the children
  • Physical / mental disability of the children
  • Other provider for the child

When deciding that divorce is the best option, immediately people think they need to find representation that will fight for everything they believed they are entitled to.  This is not always in the best interests of you, your children or surrounding family.  At ‘Divorce Negotiator’ we aim for an amicable divorce, providing facts on the law to gain the best possible outcome for all parties involved.

Fact – Children grow up to be more grounded adults if their parents don’t involve them in the divorce and can communicate amicably.

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