Day 4 – Helping Your Children Feel at Home in Two Homes

When you move into your new home you will share the time you spend with your children, this may include special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas and school holidays.  It’s normally agreed between parents who has the children each year for each occasion, explain this to the children so they understand that they won’t see the other parent for certain traditions.

Traditions you may have repeated over the years with your children for certain occasions may not be the same, this could be upsetting for the children at first.  Over time the children will see the positives when they realise they get to celebrate certain occasions with each parent as well as starting new traditions.

Tip of the day – Help your children remember what they need to bring with them each time by making a checklist, this way the children won’t forget anything and have all their home comforts with them each time.

Day 4 – Helping Your Children Feel at Home in Two Homes was last modified: May 23rd, 2018 by Carol Sullivan
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