Helping Your Children Feel at Home in Two Homes – 11/08/2015

When one of you decide to move into your own home the changes to your children’s lives will be big and change is not always taken well, especially in these situations.  We all would like situations to stay the same but sadly this is a part of life and  explaining this to your children will help them through these changes occurring.

The biggest amendment to your children’s lives will be both parents not being with them at the same time.  Children will miss playing with you, chatting and your general presence, over time it will get easier and they will love the quality time they get to spend with you feel more connected.

When there is two homes for your children to live in their schedules will alter, it is important to try and keep your routines similar in both homes as well as the rules.  This is so the children understand what’s expected of them and there is no confusion between the two homes.

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Fact of the Day – It is expected that 42% of marriages will end in divorce.

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