How to Help your Children Survive Divorce – 07/08/2015

You need to think of your children before introducing your new partner, the children need to get used to the idea of their parents going through divorce first.  Make sure that when you introduce children to your new partner it’s past the dating stage and something more serious.  Your Children will have varied reactions in meeting your new partner, these may not all be positive so be prepared.

At first they may not approve of your new partner, children could blame them for the initial break up and divorce, so introduce them in an environment that is child friendly so they don’t feel uncomfortable.  Keep the time you spend with you children separate to your new partner, as your children could feel they are not getting quality time with you.

You need the divorce be a smooth process, be civil to each other and not involve your children in any arguments, the breaking down of the relationship is hard for you both but you need to think of your children and the examples you are setting.

Tip of the day – Allow your children the freedom to build have their own relationship with a new partner. iStock_000040965646_Small.jpg

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