How to Help your Children Survive Divorce – 06/08/2015

Your Children will need time to let the information you have given them about the divorce sink in, it’s a lot to take in and children do not think the same as adults, this can sometimes be forgotten.

Children need to be able to live their lives and have the childhood they deserve, as they grow older they will start to become more independent, spending time with friends more frequently.  This behaviour needs to be encouraged, do not let your feelings of jealousy interrupt this time.  Your time with them is precious but children also need to become independent and should not be made to feel guilty about doing so.

Remember your children will want to spend time with you, if you don’t allow them their independence then you could push the children away or stop them from having the freedom they need to experience.

Fact of the Day – Most Children want to keep in contact with both parents, the contact varies in both quantity and quality. iStock_000040965646_Small.jpg

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