How to Help your Children Survive Divorce – 05/08/2015

Some children will show their emotions in forms of aggression, sadness and disrespect and  many  refuse to go to school as they want to stay at home with the parents, or are unable to concentrate on school work.

Divorce can effect the children socially and they could isolate themselves from their peers which could  lead to bullying.  You need to interpret what is going on in your children’s lives by monitoring their behaviour and  working with the teachers at their school will give extra support and help with their daily routine.

Treating your children fairly is also important as they can pick up on favouritism and this can have a big impact on children feeling safe and secure.  Be aware of favouritism and work on loving and treating your children equally.

Praise your children, reward them for achievements and good behaviour, this will build your children’s security as well as confidence.  Remember family time is important with fun games and outings, when your all having fun together it is hard for the children to concentrate on the negative situation of your divorce.


Fact of the Day – It is expected that 42% of marriages will end in divorce

how to help your children

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