How to Help Children Survive Divorce – 04/08/2015

Children will have many unanswered questions whilst the divorce is going through who do they talk to?  If one parent left will the other?  Can they trust you? Children need to feel safe and secure, parents need to work together for this to happen.

People surrounding you and your children are able to support them in feeling safe and loved such as family, friends and their teachers. They need to help you all through the divorce rather than trying to ignore the difficult situation.
Your children will automatically think awful thoughts due to the negative information you are telling them but by talking and explaining what’s happening you can turn these thoughts into positive ones.

As previously discussed, children may not say how they are feeling, this could be expressed through behaviour, physical actions and emotions.  You need to make sure you are listening and deal with the children’s issues otherwise they can escalate out of control.

Fact of the day – Two thirds of parents express desire for support during and after divorce to help them understand what is happening to their children.

how to help your children

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