How to Help Children Survive Divorce – 03/08/2015

It’s more common than people realise, 28% of children in the UK alone will be coping with the dramatic effect of separation and divorce with no support.  Children want their parents to stay together as it’s familiar to them and  feel abandoned when one parent leaves, worrying they could be the reason for it.

Children find it difficult to discuss their feelings, the people they would normally turn to when feeling sad and alone is their parents.

>Listening is a step towards helping your children through this difficult time, they need to know their feelings and thoughts through this process will be heard so they can enjoy their childhood.  Children may not tell you what they feel or need in words, it could be through their behaviour, expressions they use and sleeping patterns.

The decision to divorce may have an impact on your children but divorce should not impact  good parenting.

Divorce Fact of the day 48% of couples divorcing had at least one child aged under 16 living with the family.

how to help your children

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