How to be a ‘Great’ Divorced Dad – 31/07/2015

Discipline after the divorce is important, it may be hard as time spent with the children may be limited and precious.  You could be tempted to let certain behaviour slide, this will have a negative effect on your relationship with the children, possibly leading to a lack of respect for you and problems with their mother.

It is important to enjoy your time with the children, but they need to understand that bad behaviour will not go unpunished.  Their mother and you will need to have the same discipline plan so there is no confusion for the children.

No discipline can lead to children misbehaving due no boundaries or rules being in place for them to adhere to.  The children need to see you as their loving father but also as an authority figure who they respect and listen to. Prior to the divorce you instilled punishment for bad behaviour, this needs to continue.

Don’t forget to recognise good behaviour, even offer the children a reward to prevent the bad behaviour especially if you know there are certain instances that may arise.

We have touched on few of the main points this week on ‘How to be a ‘Great’ Divorced Dad’, remember there is support available for you, never feel alone and communicate to those around you.

Tip of the day – Be consistent with discipline and methods of both punishment and reward you use, discuss this with their mother so it’s consistent in both homes. 

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