How to be a ‘Great’ Divorced Dad 30/07

Communicating with your children is vital, before, during and post-divorce. Talk to them about any thoughts and feelings they may have, it is crucial to do this as children find the divorce process difficult to understand.

Announcing the divorce can be tough so talk openly and honestly, they may have questions so take the time to listen and discuss.  Don’t speak negatively about the divorce in front of the children, it is important they know it’s not their fault and that they are loved.

Ask open questions about their day, activities they’ve enjoyed and over time it will get easier.  Set aside time to talk to your children, they will respond positively to the attention you pay them, showing an interest in their lives will lead them to being more open and honest with you.

Once the divorce is completed, communication with the children’s mother will need a professional approach, avoid childish behaviour and remember you as parents are bringing up the same children separately.

Tip of the Day – Meal times are great for fun family discussions, even walks to the shops or to school are great conversation opportunities.

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