How to be a ‘Great’ Divorced Dad – 29/07/2015

As stated previously, following divorce children will have 2 homes, one with you and one with their mother.  It is crucial that children have a sense of belonging while in your home regardless of the amount of time they spend there.  It’s about making children feel safe, secure and letting them know it’s their home too.

Following divorce you may find yourself living in a smaller home than before, remember it’s important that children have an area that is their space within any home.  Depending on the age of your children, they could come and see potential new homes with you to help them feel involved.

If possible try to maintain a similar post-divorce routine as the pre-divorce one, this will enable a smoother transition both for them and you.  Routine will help run an effective household, let children know what the boundaries and rules are and what behaviour you expect

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