How to be a ‘GREAT’ divorced Dad

Going through a divorce can be tough, expensive and also very emotional, not just for you but the people closest to you will also feel the effects such as your wife, children and friends.  Proceeding with divorce can make you may feel alone and wondering how you arrived there in the first place.  A key thing to focus on is that once the divorce is finalised and the child arrangements have been made you will have a new life to look forward to, a new beginning with your children.  Divorce Negotiator is here to help you look positively at the current situation and help you be a great divorced dad.  It won’t be easy, mistakes will be made but it’s about creating a positive environment for you and your children.

Divorce Fact of the Day – There are more than 120,000 divorces taking place each year in England and Wales.


Top Tip of the day for Divorced Dads – Expect the unexpected, your children come first all the time. Make sure they know the divorce was not their fault and that you are a team and you love them.

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