Facts about Divorce #4

  • Children grow up more grounded adults if their parents don’t involve them in the divorce and can communicate civilly

You say that you both love your children and don’t deliberately want to hurt them, so don’t discuss anything to do with your divorce with them.  This is between you and your spouse, why should they be involved in your disagreements and forced to take sides.  As a parent part of your role is to continue educating your children to one day spread their wings and become parents too. We believe the lessons parents are teaching their children when they involve them is how to argue, how to be spiteful, how to take side, how to take revenge.  This is not the advice you would be giving them if they were arguing with a child in the playground so why show them how not to do it. When a couple get divorced it involves the whole family from young children right up to the grandparents so make sure your divorce is a civil as it can be and the children stay out of your disagreement. We have many tips and tools to aid for a peaceful divorce, you just need to pick up the phone and ask us.




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