Facts about Divorce #3

  • Woman believe that they should tell their husbands how to be a father

There is nothing more shocking when the happy couple have a child and then discover they have totally different ways of parenting.  This can come to a head during and after the divorce process.  Many mums believe their way is right, many dads believe their way is right.  The worst thing that can happen is for either one to tell the other how to be or what to do when they are with the children.  This is why parenting plans are such a vital tool for any divorcing couple to set the ground rules to compromise on issues to ensure the children develop into strong grounded adults. If you need a parenting plan to help you both bring your children up to grow into grounded kind thoughtful adults give us a call and we can help with options that are available to you. Only couples who cannot agree on visiting rights and specific issues need go to court. 99% of couples are able to resolve their issues surrounding the children themselves with a parenting plan.







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