Facts about Divorce #2

  • Men settle for less because they want it over and done with

I don’t want to put anyone in boxes to say that all men do this and all women say that but there are certain trends that follow in certain circumstances that each gender leans towards.  Because men have a wonderful ability to DE compartmentalise when the marriage is over some can put it into a box sooner rather than later and in doing so they often walk away from less of the marital assets because they want it over and done with.  This also may be true when it concerns children, some men, not all, will agree to see the children less because it is what their soon to be ex-wife tells them. Some fathers have been in the shadow of their wives where the children are concerned and continue to sit back and let life happen. The law states that both parents have equal responsibility for their children and so they may have fallen out of love with their wives but this does not mean they have to take a step back in the lives of their children.

Facts about Divorce #2 was last modified: November 14th, 2018 by Carol Sullivan

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