Pensions on Divorce

Pensions on Divorce

Wow! this subject can cause all sorts of controversy. I wish I had a pound for every time I met with clients, who told me they’ve already agreed a settlement. The wife was keeping the house and the husband was keeping his pension. Actually in principle that sounds wonderful, but when suggested that we still need to have both valued, it’s met with objection. You cannot agree on a settlement if they are not furnished with all the information. It’s not unusual to end up with a pension of £300,000 and equity of £90,000.  Sometimes a lot more is often the case.  Subsequently the wife says that she’s  still happy to not touch the pension.  Often I have to upset them by saying that we cannot have an order approved by the court. The court has to follow the Matrimonial Causes Act of 1973. The above scenario would not tick all the boxes for a Judge to approve what the parties want. However, we always find a solution and it is always approved by the court. As a result if you have problems similar to and you want more information then please call on

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