Assumptions! #3

By waiting 2 years or on low income the cost of a divorce is cheaper

Waiting at least two years for a divorce will be cheaper! Being on low income or benefits a divorce will be cheaper! This is an urban myth.  Yes divorces can vary in prices but that is dependent on who you go to and what your finances are, settlement may be very costly if there are disagreements in finances or if your spouse defends the divorce but ultimately the prices are still the same if you apply for your divorce immediately or if you wait.  I have had people phone to enquire about our fees and how we charge and have found that many people are under the belief that if they wait over two years their court fees will be waivered.  This is not the case, there used to be a system that if you were in receipt of benefits then you were entitled to legal fees but not anymore, you can however apply for exemption of court fees if you are in receipt of benefits.  At Divorce Negotiator we have come up with a payment plan scheme that can enable couples who can’t afford to go down the solicitor’s route to be able to pay their divorce off on a monthly basis.

If you are going to get divorced then make sure you have the correct information on the cost you are likely to have and not you have been told by friends and family.

We are here to listen and give you advice, we don’t charge to listen so why not call today and put one step in place.

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