Assumptions! #1

Separated for 2 years or more! Can you instantly get a divorce?

When a couple decide that divorce is the only option, there is an automatic splurge of opinions and advice from various friends and family.  One that sticks in my mind, a couple of weeks ago a lady phoned up after hearing about us from the TV advert, she was sick to the stomach because she had been told by family members that she could not apply for a divorce until her and her husband had been separated for at least two years.  This was apparently an abusive relationship and they had been split for 7 months only to have the manipulation carry on from her husband.  She was very relieved to finally get advice from Divorce Negotiator as we informed her that this was not the case and she could apply immediately for a divorce on the grounds of unreasonable behavior.

If you are going to get divorced then make sure you have planned it right for everyone to come out the best they can. Your friends and family still need to be in your life for the support on both sides.

We are here to listen and we don’t charge so why not call today and put one step in place.

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