Giving up the children to go and see Dad!

Giving up the children to go and see Dad – Pre planning your divorce

Divorce should be planned just like a marriage if you want to come out with your sanity intact

Here at Divorce Negotiator we are passionate about helping people and so we are offering you a sounding board to ensure that you avoid the pitfalls that so many others have suffered

I say to go and see Dad but it could be Mum so please don’t take offence. But I have had many clients who have waited for years to have their children for one reason or another and some years later their spouse leaves and then they have to endure the children leaving them every other weekend and days in the week. Gosh this has been devastating for them. This usually happens when there has been an adultery and to come to terms with their children seeing another as step Mum or Dad is just the worse thing in the world. Sharing your children with Mum or Dad in a different home is one thing but coming home and telling you what dads girlfriend said or Mums boyfriend said is so painful. The heckles go up and face is filled with pain.

 If you are going to get divorced then make sure you have planned it right for everyone to come out the best they can. Your in-law may still need to be in your life, parents still need to be in children’s lives. Did you know that children become are more grounded when their divorced parents were still able to talk?

We are here to listen and we don’t charge so why not call today and put one step in place.

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