Where will I live?


Divorce should be planned just like a marriage if you want to come out with your sanity intact

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Where will I live?

It is not uncommon after spending 30 minutes with someone on the phone going through the grounds for divorce and all the problems that the marriage has encountered to ask the question ”have you thought about where you will live” or how you will survive financially.  The person on the other end informs me they haven’t. They have no idea what the finances are as the spouse deals with all the finances. They do not know how much is outstanding on the mortgage, how much the other earns or whether they have a pension. All they know is they are unhappy and do not want to spend the rest of their life living in this atmosphere. They find it difficult to talk to the other half. So the first thing that must be looked into is how this person can financially survive without the other.  They are afraid to mention the word divorce in case the other party stops their allowances. It is not wrong to say that there is a very tall mountain to climb but being armed with the correct information is fundamental in being able to change your life and keep a roof over your head.

If you are going to get divorced then make sure you have planned it right for everyone to come out the best they can. Your in-law may still need to be in your life, parents still need to be in children’s lives. Did you know that children become are more grounded when their divorced parents were still able to talk?

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