What’s working for you isn’t working for me!

Sooner or later in a marriage, a couple will both know what works best for them. People can change over the years but a marriage involves a lot of compromise, accepting each other’s faults and habits. What should prevail is your love for each other but it is perfectly natural to realise that you would be much happier to bring it to an end. A marriage doesn’t have to end because someone has cheated by having an affair or has become an alcoholic, for example. Many marriages end for small reasons but the main thing is that both individuals recognise that divorce is required for their future happiness.

Some people will suffer in silence and simply make-do with their marriage with a view to it being better financially and emotionally. However, the actual divorce process should not put you off going through with it, if divorce is what you truly want to achieve. Many couples who come to Divorce Negotiator want to keep things straight forward and make it clear that the marriage isn’t working for both of them now.

In this particular case study about a husband cheating, the wife talks about how she got the home and he got the business. Their financials were all pretty clear so it was solved quickly by Divorce Negotiator. 

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