Avoid the criticism mistake

Divorce should be planned just like a marriage if you want to come out with your sanity intact.

In the beginning of a marriage your spouse is your best friend and you share most everything with them. The early love is exciting and exhilarating, nothing can get in the way. But time, stress, life changes all pay a toll on us and our partners and the relationship changes. I often wonder if women were more like men or the other way around would our relationships stand the test of time. Men are better at DE compartmentalising and  stay quite more often than not (please trust me I am not saying always) but we women like to let our partners know how we feel, how we would like them to do things around the house, what to spend their money on, how many pints to drink. In my experience I have only found out what annoys my other half when I have criticized him for not doing something. Then he feels he has to retaliate and throws one of my misgivings at me. I have said so many times, I hate tit for tat. But he doesn’t. But I know if I had not said what I had said he would not have felt the need to return with my annoyance to him. So I am trying to DE compartmentalise too now.

If you are going to get divorced then make sure you have planned it right for everyone to come out the best they can. Your in-law may still need to be in your life, parents still need to be in children’s lives. Did you know that children become are more grounded when their divorced parents were still able to talk?

Here at Divorce Negotiator we are passionate about helping people and so we are offering you a sounding board to ensure that you avoid the pitfalls that so many others have suffered. We are here to listen and we don’t charge to listen so why not call today and put one step in place.

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PRE PLANNING FOR YOUR DIVORCE was last modified: May 7th, 2019 by Carol Sullivan
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