Divorce made fair for both sides

Divorce doesn’t have to be about protecting yourself as if you are arming for a prolonged fight, it can be an amicable process, kept as simple as you wish. A traditional route to divorce would involve two separate solicitors corresponding via letters and emails that keep you out of the picture and focus on the benefits for them.

In a boxing match, each opponent takes a break between rounds to recover and speak to their trainer for advice. Likewise a traditional solicitor would have a quiet word in your ear about what your ‘opponent’ or ex-partner is likely to make mistakes with. They will then argue it out with your ex’s solicitor to reach a solution, costing time and money.

Fair businessThe difference with Divorce Negotiator is that they essentially play the role of the referee and the trainer in a boxing match scenario. They will discuss options with both individuals and help them reach an amicable solution by talking through the process together. This saves the time and money they would have wasted on fighting and helps to resolve any awkwardness between them. At the end of the day, both have agreed to a divorce and this method will enable them to see what’s fair for both sides and make future arrangements for things like childcare.

Read more with this case study about how Divorce Negotiator made it absolutely fair on both sides by focusing on what the judge will say.

Divorce made fair for both sides was last modified: May 7th, 2019 by Carol Sullivan

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