What does it mean to be a bad person?

We grow up through life with morals and codes of conduct that everyone is expected to adhere too. In education and in the workplace, there is an expected level of reasonable behaviour, which keeps everyone in check. Rules are set to keep things running efficiently and to prevent a bad situation. If you misbehave in class, you may be sent out – if you are continually absent from work without an explanation, you may be fired. Everyone has a general understanding of what is right and wrong but as human beings, we all make mistakes and make poor decisions.

good-bad personIn hindsight, we can look back on certain circumstances and see how bad your past decisions were but whether you believe that things happen for a reason or not, what is done is done! We might be able to attempt to make a bad situation good but if people have been hurt along the way emotionally, it can be difficult and sometimes not worth the effort. The only thing we can do is try to improve a bad situation and work on relationships over time.

Read what this lady said about her experience in this case study: ‘I kept saying, I am not a bad person’.

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