7 Reasons You Might Fall out Of Love with Your Partner

Week 2

This week we are going to look at the second reason as to why we might fall out of love.


No one knows when the lust period will cool off, most often it is when we start to live together things become routine and routine can turn to monotony. Monotony can turn to resentment

For women we believe that our partner should know we are unhappy, ask us what is wrong and then we can talk about it. Whereas for a man, and as we know the majority are not great talkers they go into their man cave. Smiles are removed from our faces and sarcasm can come into play. When we first meet a man and maybe they play football, we go off to watch them, then consciously or subconsciously maybe because women don’t truly like football we drift away. When a man first meets a woman on the other hand he agrees to go shopping with her but after a number of weeks of doing something he doesn’t really enjoy, he consciously or subconsciously looks for other things to do instead.

Next week we’ll take a look at misunderstandings within a marriage.

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