7 Reasons why you might have fallen out of love with your partner

One of the most invigorating experiences of life is…..Falling in Love. Everybody should experience it at least once in their life. Time and time again you will see the ‘newly-in-love’ couples say that their love will last forever and will often say things like:-

• Both of us are caring people so our love should last forever

• The love we have for each other is so irreplaceable it will last

• We’ve both had bad relationships before and have learnt from them.

Most of the time this is true but invariably the ‘love-bubble’ does burst and one or both fall out of love with each other. For the next seven weeks I will be giving you one reason of what causes this.

The first few weeks, months and often years Why is the first feeling of love so beautiful? Your stomach feels all knotted, but you don’t mind, your energy levels increase and you suddenly don’t need as much sleep. You can’t wait to see them again, you spend your day talking about them to your friends and quoting what they said. Often friends can get tired of this, but they are pleased to see you happy. Well that is probably all true for women, men of course have a slightly different agenda, this is not bad, merely a fact that women and men look at relationships in a different way.

It’s the old, ‘Men are from Mars Women are from Venus’ But why does that have to fade! Why can’t it last longer! One of the reasons is because we are at our best when we are in lust, and that does have a big part of it, not our faults it is all about the testosterone and estrogen, and we have no control over this. But we cannot keep it up and we fall into a place of comfort rather than fashion, I bit like wearing really high shoes when we are young which make your legs all shapely and then we fall into the flatter less attractive shoes because it is more comfortable. Next week we are going to be touching on behaviour within the marriage.

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