Not a bad word between us

When a marriage comes to an end, it doesn’t have to be in dreadful circumstances. There is often a final straw that couples experience that pushes them to draw up the plans for divorce. However, many couples have a happy marriage throughout their time together with lots of happy memories. As time goes by and people change as individuals, new experiences can arise and you may unexpectedly find yourself on a new path.

It’s important to overlook the bigger picture. For example, if you have just caught your husband in bed with a stranger, how do you react? It is natural to feel anger, resentment and jealously but how prepared are you to forgive? If your marriage has been a happy one up to that point, is there something that has happened or a series of events that have led to this situation. In this case, the husband has sinned and broken his marriage vows. Many people who have affairs are often looking for something that has been missing in their marriage or because they are bored of their situation.

divorce cheatAffairs can be exciting but they can’t be justified. Although, showing forgiveness can be. Everyone’s situation is different but it may be that you have changed over the last few years. For example, as a couple, you may have enjoyed a fun life of going to parties regularly or going on skiing holidays. Eventually, you will develop new interests and even look to reinvent yourself. For some people, the reinvention of your own life also makes you realise that you no longer gel with your other half, as your interests have changed.

As you change as individuals, you are likely to still feel strongly about each other but also feel that you no longer get anything from staying together. It is obviously hard emotionally to let go of a marriage and each other but many couples at this point realise it’s for the best. Instead of dwelling on the bad experiences, you can be positive and honest with each other. Sitting down and talking over how you both feel will make it clear what you have to do.

Many people can look back on a past marriage and talk fondly about the good times they had together. As the years go by, they can even keep in touch and feel happy for each other, as they move on with separate families. It’s not worth staying together when circumstances are turning sour, as this will leave you with horrible memories looking back.

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