How much professional help do I need for my divorce?

When you begin the process of divorce, you may be wondering how much you’ll be able to sort out on your own, and whether you will need a solicitor. This will depend on a number of factors. In particular, it depends on how easy you and your partner will find it to discuss financial issues, how to manage your money and divide what you own together. You don’t necessarily need to use a solicitor for the whole divorce process but you also don’t need to attempt to do it all on your own and some people don’t need a solicitor at all.

Divorce is considered a feverish life event, alongside having a baby, making a will or dealing with bereavement. This is understandable but there are ways to lighten the pressure and make the best of an upsetting time in your life. Some couples who are going through a separation will still be in a state of shock at the relationship coming to an end and they will be grieving. However, if you prepare yourselves well for the divorce process, it should go smoothly and you can be guided through it. It is best to resolve any existing arguments and to avoid pushing arguments through a solicitor, as they will take more time and escalate costs, with all the phone calls and meetings required.

There are several options available to you and it’s worth noting what will work best for you and your partner so that the process is the least expensive. Some couples will work independently from their partner and prefer to work with a separate solicitor that only has their interests in mind. However, this can rocket costs up and the amount of paperwork between your partner’s solicitor and yours will increase. The cheapest and often quicker option is to work with a Divorce Negotiator, who can guide you and your ex-partner through the process so that you can reach an amicable agreement. If at the end you still cannot agree, then you have saved an enormous amount of money, going through the majority of the process at a cost which can be at least an 80% saving.

There is no set rule for separating your finances or for using professional help. However, lots of break-ups become acrimonious or lengthy because couples can’t agree how to split finances. One of the main reasons for this is because “My solicitor says I cam entitled to ?” and the answer to that comes back “Well my solicitor says I only have to ?”

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